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  • Pillin wars  v.1.0This is a Real Time Strategy game created with java and using JOGL as OpenGL binding library to OpenGL. The game has a nice 2D graphics and initialy only will have multiplayer mode.
  • AWSOME  v.1.0AWSOME stands for Advanced War Strategies Online Multiplayer Edition and is a open source clone of the Advance Wars series available for handhelds. It features the original game modes, a built-in map editor and a multiplayer mode via Internet ...
  • Ancient Ages  v.1.0... is a turn-based fantasy strategy game. Singleplayer, including campaign and a multiplayer mode are planned for this game.
  • OpenKaiser  v.1.0OpenKaiser is (or will be) a game inspired by the classic Kaiser as well as the DOS-game PC Kaiser. The player is the leader of a small kingdom and will try to expand his kingdom. It will be playable in either single- or multiplayer mode.
  • Orion Ex Machina  v.1.0Orion Ex Machina is a Master Of Orion II: Battle At Antares clone. It combines the very good gameplay of MOO2 and some new features like quests, an improved multiplayer mode and an easy way to extends the game with new content (buildings, weapons etc).
  • Mr. Jones  v.1.0Mr. Jones will be a role-playing game which intends to recreate the spirit and feel of Sierra's classic "Jones in the fast lane", with some possible new features, such as a multiplayer mode and a cartoon-like style.
  • ClassicBomberman  v.0.0.2ClassicBomberman will be a clone of the famous game, featuring a 16+ multiplayer mode and a classical layout without fancy additions. It uses Kyra and SDL_net.
  • Kyna  v.1.0Kyna is a bomberman/dyna like game. The player assumes the role of a magician, which has to fight with the help of bombs through enemies in a maze. It has a campaign and a multiplayer mode (networksupport is planned).
  • Tr2n Origins  v.1.0Tr2n Origins is a 3d action game the main focus lies on the multiplayer mode and competitions, but future developments may lead in another direction.
  • Summoning Wars For Linux  v.0.5.5Summoning Wars is an open source role-playing game, featuring both a single-player and a multiplayer mode for about 2 to 8 players.
  • Empire Earth II multiplayer demoEmpire Earth II multiplayer demo is considered as an interesting game for you to play. From the series that reinvented historical real-time strategy comes an evolution of epic proportions. Diplomacy. War. Invention. Expansion. Build, divide and ...
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer testReturn to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test is an interesting game which uncovers Hitler's horrific obsession with the occult, the living dead, and genetic mutations.As B.J. Blazkowicz, an Army Ranger recruited into the Office of Secret Actions ...
  • PONG! Multiplayer  v.2.3An extension that allows you to play Pong against people from around the world.
  • RetroMaze  v.1.17RetroMaze is a multiplayer shoot-em-up for Android devices. Pitch yourself against the ai in single player mode, then take on your friends in multiplayer mayhem. RetroMaze will automatically find other players over a local WiFi or Bluetooth network.
  • Puzzle Online  v.0.05Puzzle Online 0.05 gives you a small size, full-featured multiplayer classic crossword puzzle game in which each crossword contains several questions that need to be answered. The player wins the game by answering all questions correctly. A puzzle ...
  • Tanks  v.2.6This beautiful game has 2 modes: 1. Classic - Defend your base from scary enemies. 2. Flag mode - Crafty enemies with a swarming type of intelligence conspire to steal your flag. You can't even let them on your base!!
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