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SOLAR WARS  v.1.30

SOLAR WARS is a turn-based space strategy game, based in a distant solar system, with up to thirty orbiting planets. Play in single player mode, with computer opponents, or multiplayer mode, over the Internet.

Ultranium 5 for Mac OS  v.1.4

A crazy mix between a breakout game and a space old school arcade shot’em up that features full 32-bit color, stereo sound, and even a multiplayer mode. The game has been fully redesigned since the original version, and it now features

Arkana - Fight To Survive (FTS)  v.0.0.4

Arkana - Fight to survive (FTS) is a 3D real time strategy game, that is similar to (but not a clone of) Warcraft 3, AOE 3, EE, ... There will be a campaing, a single player and a multiplayer mode. See the website for more

Desert Fox - 3D Real-Time Strategy game  v.1.0

Desert Fox is classical 3D Real-Time Strategy game based on World War II theme. Our goal is to make this game as better as we can with no budget. Game will feature Campaign missions. We may consider doing multiplayer mode

HighJump - SkiJumping  v.0.2.6

HighJump is an OpenSource JAVA SkiJumping Game in 2D. Today there are 11 hills where you can jump more than 200 meters. HighJump is yet a BETA version. Since Version 0.1.5 there is an Multiplayer Mode and since 0.2.6 you can jump online too! Have

Tetris AI  v.0.33

The interesting thing about this is the artificial intelligence. You probably do not want to play Tetris AI. It survives for more than 1000 lines and beats every human in multiplayer mode (due to its speed). Two differnt AIs can play against each

The Adventures Of  v.0.01

Ever miss the days of Zelda? Ever thought about playing games like Zelda and Final Fantasy in multiplayer mode, cooperatively even? Ever wanted to make your own map, your own adventure, draw your own character? This is what we're trying to let you

The Shoot-em-up Project  v.0.9.1

A 3D game (and engine/level editor) written using C++, OpenGL/GLUT, OpenAL, for windows and linux, featuring single player and a frantic oldskool multiplayer mode. Experience the mighty weapons, The Boxgun and The Surprise

TiWarriors Asteroids Game  v.1.0

This is an arcade style game based on the classical Asteroids. Two things differ from the original: energy control and multiplayer mode. Its 100% pure Java, proving that the language is becoming more suitable for game

Triplane Classic  v.1.0.7

Triplane Classic is a side-scrolling dogfighting game featuring solo missions and multiplayer mode with up to four

Dune 2 : Wormsign  v.1.0

Dune 2 : Wormsign is a recreation from scratch of the old Westwood RTS game. Based mainly on SDL, it features a higher resolution (800x600), original and MIDI music, a multiplayer mode (LAN/WAN), and supports any Latin-character language.

MasterMind RTS  v.1.0

MasterMind RTS is a reverse RPG of sorts similiar in concept to Dungeon Keeper, in that you as the player attempt to impede the progress of the typical protagonist/hero characters. A multiplayer mode is planned to allow players to compete head to head.

Shadow of the Dark Blade  v.1.0

Shadow of the dark blade is an RTS with Multiplayer-Mode and an Epic Story

Snakee  v.1.0

This snake game is very flexible and is filled with features. Multiplayer mode, train editor, different graphic modes and ...

Pillin wars  v.1.0

This is a Real Time Strategy game created with java and using JOGL as OpenGL binding library to OpenGL. The game has a nice 2D graphics and initialy only will have multiplayer mode.

AWSOME  v.1.0

AWSOME stands for Advanced War Strategies Online Multiplayer Edition and is a open source clone of the Advance Wars series available for handhelds. It features the original game modes, a built-in map editor and a multiplayer mode via Internet

Ancient Ages  v.1.0

... is a turn-based fantasy strategy game. Singleplayer, including campaign and a multiplayer mode are planned for this game.

OpenKaiser  v.1.0

OpenKaiser is (or will be) a game inspired by the classic Kaiser as well as the DOS-game PC Kaiser. The player is the leader of a small kingdom and will try to expand his kingdom. It will be playable in either single- or multiplayer mode.

Orion Ex Machina  v.1.0

Orion Ex Machina is a Master Of Orion II: Battle At Antares clone. It combines the very good gameplay of MOO2 and some new features like quests, an improved multiplayer mode and an easy way to extends the game with new content (buildings, weapons etc).

Mr. Jones  v.1.0

Mr. Jones will be a role-playing game which intends to recreate the spirit and feel of Sierra's classic "Jones in the fast lane", with some possible new features, such as a multiplayer mode and a cartoon-like style.

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